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We always try to produce the reliability responsiveness, and innovative products and services.

Wooden Door

We are in the business of building relationship. Lasting partnerships that inspire us to break new ground and be the world’s leading brand of quality and affordable leader-upholstered furniture.

Yooshin Indonesia

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Some benefits of wood flooring include ease of cleaning, durability, and style variety.
Wood floors are much easier to keep clean than carpet and pet hair or dander is quick to remove.
In addition to looking great, wood floors are durable making them perfect for homes with pets and children.


PT. Yooshin Indonesia is established in  September  1992, with the foreign investment (South Korean investor). PT. Yooshin Indonesia factory produces door and furniture products for the first time, and then develop to produce wooden door as engineering door and flush door. This factory is large scale and occupay around 52.000 square meters area at Nambo, Kaserangan, Ciruas, Banten Indonesia. Over more 15 years, PT. Yooshin Indonesia serves demand local market and export as to USA, Australia, Korea, Europe, Uni Emirate Arab, King of Saudi Arabia, Asia Countries and other countries around the world. This factory is supported by 260 workers, with production capacity at 5000 m3 finished good yearly. At this time the production is designed to produce minimum 50% finished products for export market (consist of 60% doors and 40% furniture). Beside that for local market of 50% in order to fulfill a demand of hotel construction project, housing/apartment project, etc. Find Best Quality Product for your need, we deliver it fast with competitive price and Maximum Satisfaction.

Our Wooden Products : Doors, Furniture, Wall Panel, Slab, Handrail, Accessories


we want to live up to who we say we are and fulfil the promise we have made.



We always follow a quality standards that apply in export countries, and all specific client requirements.


We dare to dream together our passion will spur us on. We allways strict to the time line



We always strive for competitive rates and give maximum attention in meeting your budgets.

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